Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Yukky Yukky Cold

I have a cold :0( though to me it feels like the flu, how wimpish of me is that!

So after that revelation lets see what has been happening this week so far

  • The advert scam was non-canceble (sp?) so that is £150 I have literally wasted and the OH is mad as hell at me for letting it happen.
  • I have been banned from buying any new crafting stuff
  • I have a cold!
  • I'm fed up :0(
I am pretty non pleased with myself for wasting that large amount of money to be honest and when I spoke to the company yesterday they where not very helpful in telling me what I needed to produce or even where I should send my advert design to!  Seeing as the deadline was supposed to be Friday I have no idea what I should do.  I might sit down in a bit and put something together on Photoshop and see how it looks, but they said they would produce an advert for me from my website which is sooo out of date it sunbelievable!

Banned from buying - yep the OH has now put his foot down and told me that as none of my crafty stuff is actually selling and is just cluttering up the place I am now banned from buying any new stuff at all.  So that means no more pretty stamps, no more nice papers, no lovely Promarkers or anything else that clutters up my desk.  Howevere today the postie should be bringing two new stamps to me which I ordered last month before the buying ban came into effect! :0)

I have a cold, I hate colds they suck with avengance.  My nose is streaming and I spent loads of money on nasal sprays, tablets and posh tissues to keep my nose feeling nice.  None of it has helped though and I am ready to admit defeat and go back to bed.

I'm fed up!  There is no reason for it to be honest as I have a full time job, a lovely OH, 5 cats (2 large, 3 wiggles) and my crafting.  I think the thing that has made me fed up is that none of my work has been selling, I seem to spend all of my time making and then everything just sits there gathering dust.  My latest work is cards and I made this little card the other day.  I love stamping especially with these cute stamps but it is the colouring that makes my day especially with my promarkers.

Anyway off to do some tidying up and blow my nose for the thousandth time today.


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  1. Get Well soon Nicki, you are probably fed up cus you feel so lousy. Get some rest.

    Lynda x