Saturday, 28 August 2010

Early Bird!

Its my first day off today in 11 days and I really wanted a lazy day but that doesn't happen in my household.  Toby woke me up at 5.30am from jumping down onto my pillow from the bookcase, he just missed my head and if he had landed on it then it would have seriously hurt as he isn't exactly kitten like anymore!

So once I was awake Libby then took it upon herself to meow in my ear and that meant my day had started.  It didn't help that my OH had fallen asleep on the sofa (again!) with the TV on loud.  So I got him into bed and he instantly converted into a starfish so that put paid to me going back to bed.

Never mind I took the time to catch up on blog reading, ooohhh I love reading other peoples blogs!  and I also made a new notelet card.

Here is todays attempt at being crafty, as you can see I have used my new pirate stamp again, don't worry as soon as I get paid I will buy some new stamps to add a bit of variety into my work.  The pirate picture actually sticks out as I found that it just lacked oomph if I stuck it straight to the backing paper.  The lace corner border I also found gave it that little edge, oohhh the pun!

Whilst I had the camera out I also took some pictures of the altered notebook I treated myself to on payday last month.  It is made by my favourite crafty seller of the moment CraftyPagan Designs

Pretty isn't it.  I have to say I won't be using it as it is too pretty to ruin with my scribbles however it sits on my (currently messy) craft table so that I can admire the craftmanship.

I have decided that today I shall spend doing my craft work and building up stock for the craft fairs I have booked and also to add a few more things to my website.


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