Friday, 17 September 2010

Its a bit quiet isn't it!

I know I hang my head in shame at neglecting my blog once again. But this time I have a good reason and that is because my computer broke :0(

I thought it would just be a simple fixing but after a week of tinkering with it the OH admitted defeat and sent it to the shop to be fixed. Unfortunately it was the motherboard that went and it was non-fixable.  When the computer was built I specified that I have a hard drive of my own that would store all of my bits and pieces and that incase of the computer breaking would not be affected.  The OH insured me that it was okay and my work was safe!

He lied!!!

Approx 5 years worth of work has been lost, all of my accounts, logos, website files, personal files and pictures have been lost. I'm devastated and have no idea how to even begin to sort it all out.  The OH's response was oh dear never mind! I think at that point I would like to have thrown something at him. But it has taught me a lesson to never trust a man when he says it will be ok.

On a better note though all of his stuff was saved as he had an external hard drive!!!!!!!

I do now have a new computer but I have to re-load everything onto it so that is todays job.


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