Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I'm Going Away!

Next week I am going back to Norfolk to visit some friends and family, I can't wait!!

I decided that I would do this trip on my own as sometimes I just need that alone time to spread my wings and feel free.  I think I am a free spirit and whilst I love my OH I feel that my wings are permantely clipped whilst I am with him, so I took this opportunity to spread my wings and see how it goes.

I have to admit that I am also being a bit indulgent what with getting my hair done and eyebrows waxed and eyelashes tinted.  I have also booked into a B&B for the night.  I know what your thinking that its just a B&B but not this one!!

I used to live in Holt in Norfolk and have always wanted to stay at Byfords but it's a bit expensive.  However I have been working very hard and can now afford it, so I booked a room for one night  YAY

I shall be staying in Room 5 for the night and intend to pamper myself silly!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Its a bit quiet isn't it!

I know I hang my head in shame at neglecting my blog once again. But this time I have a good reason and that is because my computer broke :0(

I thought it would just be a simple fixing but after a week of tinkering with it the OH admitted defeat and sent it to the shop to be fixed. Unfortunately it was the motherboard that went and it was non-fixable.  When the computer was built I specified that I have a hard drive of my own that would store all of my bits and pieces and that incase of the computer breaking would not be affected.  The OH insured me that it was okay and my work was safe!

He lied!!!

Approx 5 years worth of work has been lost, all of my accounts, logos, website files, personal files and pictures have been lost. I'm devastated and have no idea how to even begin to sort it all out.  The OH's response was oh dear never mind! I think at that point I would like to have thrown something at him. But it has taught me a lesson to never trust a man when he says it will be ok.

On a better note though all of his stuff was saved as he had an external hard drive!!!!!!!

I do now have a new computer but I have to re-load everything onto it so that is todays job.


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Yukky Yukky Cold

I have a cold :0( though to me it feels like the flu, how wimpish of me is that!

So after that revelation lets see what has been happening this week so far

  • The advert scam was non-canceble (sp?) so that is £150 I have literally wasted and the OH is mad as hell at me for letting it happen.
  • I have been banned from buying any new crafting stuff
  • I have a cold!
  • I'm fed up :0(
I am pretty non pleased with myself for wasting that large amount of money to be honest and when I spoke to the company yesterday they where not very helpful in telling me what I needed to produce or even where I should send my advert design to!  Seeing as the deadline was supposed to be Friday I have no idea what I should do.  I might sit down in a bit and put something together on Photoshop and see how it looks, but they said they would produce an advert for me from my website which is sooo out of date it sunbelievable!

Banned from buying - yep the OH has now put his foot down and told me that as none of my crafty stuff is actually selling and is just cluttering up the place I am now banned from buying any new stuff at all.  So that means no more pretty stamps, no more nice papers, no lovely Promarkers or anything else that clutters up my desk.  Howevere today the postie should be bringing two new stamps to me which I ordered last month before the buying ban came into effect! :0)

I have a cold, I hate colds they suck with avengance.  My nose is streaming and I spent loads of money on nasal sprays, tablets and posh tissues to keep my nose feeling nice.  None of it has helped though and I am ready to admit defeat and go back to bed.

I'm fed up!  There is no reason for it to be honest as I have a full time job, a lovely OH, 5 cats (2 large, 3 wiggles) and my crafting.  I think the thing that has made me fed up is that none of my work has been selling, I seem to spend all of my time making and then everything just sits there gathering dust.  My latest work is cards and I made this little card the other day.  I love stamping especially with these cute stamps but it is the colouring that makes my day especially with my promarkers.

Anyway off to do some tidying up and blow my nose for the thousandth time today.


Saturday, 28 August 2010

Early Bird!

Its my first day off today in 11 days and I really wanted a lazy day but that doesn't happen in my household.  Toby woke me up at 5.30am from jumping down onto my pillow from the bookcase, he just missed my head and if he had landed on it then it would have seriously hurt as he isn't exactly kitten like anymore!

So once I was awake Libby then took it upon herself to meow in my ear and that meant my day had started.  It didn't help that my OH had fallen asleep on the sofa (again!) with the TV on loud.  So I got him into bed and he instantly converted into a starfish so that put paid to me going back to bed.

Never mind I took the time to catch up on blog reading, ooohhh I love reading other peoples blogs!  and I also made a new notelet card.

Here is todays attempt at being crafty, as you can see I have used my new pirate stamp again, don't worry as soon as I get paid I will buy some new stamps to add a bit of variety into my work.  The pirate picture actually sticks out as I found that it just lacked oomph if I stuck it straight to the backing paper.  The lace corner border I also found gave it that little edge, oohhh the pun!

Whilst I had the camera out I also took some pictures of the altered notebook I treated myself to on payday last month.  It is made by my favourite crafty seller of the moment CraftyPagan Designs

Pretty isn't it.  I have to say I won't be using it as it is too pretty to ruin with my scribbles however it sits on my (currently messy) craft table so that I can admire the craftmanship.

I have decided that today I shall spend doing my craft work and building up stock for the craft fairs I have booked and also to add a few more things to my website.


Friday, 27 August 2010

What an idiot!

I was having a good day today especially as I had this afternoon off work to relax and put my feet up.

I say I WAS having a good day as it turned into a nightmare after a phone call.

What happened was that a lady called me saying that she had been trying to get hold of me for days and wanted to write an editorial feature about my Wishing hats in their magazine.  Of course I thought this was brilliant until she told me it would cost me £130 + VAT, next thing I knew I was giving out my credit card details to this woman and had booked an advert!!

Then I started talking about it to some of my friends on the craft forum and it seems that it was a scam of sorts and the publication is not even heard of!!

So you can imagine my terror at the thought of losing all this money that I didn't actually have in the first place.  Anyways I have to call them on Tuesday and see if they will cancel it if not I really need to start selling some of my crafty stuff asap so that I can eat for the month!

Monday, 23 August 2010


My kitty cat Libby had her babies on Wednesday evening, she had three gorgeous black kittens. 

I have left them alone for a few days and Libby is only just trusting me to go near them which is great so I managed to get a few quick pictures whilst they are asleep.

In preperation for Libby's birth I made up three birthing boxes and left in various places around the flat.  When the time came she actually gave birth behind the sofa!!!  I then got her to move into the pet carrier in the lounge.  When I came home on Saturday the kittens where not in the carrier, a few panicky moments later I found that she had hid them under the bed which has been fun the past few days as they are really noisy at night.  Today though I came home and she had moved them again this time back into the pet carrier which is right by my bed so I can keep an eye on them.

I hope you enjoy the picture.


I Love It!

Today I finally got chance to sit down and use my fantastic new stamp and my promarker pens.  The result is pretty nice I think.  I used some of my scary pink paper that I brought in July with my birthday vouchers and the heart is a cut out from some other paper I had lying around.

Strawberry Pirate Card

So what do you think?

This is my first actual card I have ever made so I am very impressed and am sat here with a huge smile on my face.  I may even save the card to send to my nieces 7th Birthday in October as she loves pink!