About Me

I love About Me pages, they really do tell you everything about a person.

Which means as this is my About Me page you want to know lots of interesting facts about me, so here goes.

  • My name is Nicole
  • I am 28 years old
  • I live in Gloucester, UK
  • I have a Hubby who I adore
  • I share my home with Libby the cat and Harry the hamster
  • I work part time for a bookies
  • I love girly things
  • I love Lists!!!!!
  • I try and make cute mini things out of felt and fabric
  • I am not the tidest person in the whole world
So those are the main points now down to the nitty gritty!

I am totally random, I start a conversation on one subject then switch between subjects very quickly.  I have a sunny personality and am always smiling.  I love life!  I love my Hubby even more!

My crafts are a strange sort of collection of cute girly things, it started out with cushions but I soon got fed up with that as I couldn't figure out how to work the sewing machine.  Pin cushions where next, you can never have enough pin cushions I don't think.  Now I am onto Sucky Socky Munsters and Mini Baggies!

Is that enough info do you think?