Friday, 27 August 2010

What an idiot!

I was having a good day today especially as I had this afternoon off work to relax and put my feet up.

I say I WAS having a good day as it turned into a nightmare after a phone call.

What happened was that a lady called me saying that she had been trying to get hold of me for days and wanted to write an editorial feature about my Wishing hats in their magazine.  Of course I thought this was brilliant until she told me it would cost me £130 + VAT, next thing I knew I was giving out my credit card details to this woman and had booked an advert!!

Then I started talking about it to some of my friends on the craft forum and it seems that it was a scam of sorts and the publication is not even heard of!!

So you can imagine my terror at the thought of losing all this money that I didn't actually have in the first place.  Anyways I have to call them on Tuesday and see if they will cancel it if not I really need to start selling some of my crafty stuff asap so that I can eat for the month!

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