Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday

Not that I have been that thoughtful today but it rhymed and I like rhyming things, theys ort fo slip off the tongue and glide through the air.  Ooohh look at me getting all whimsical lol

So what did I do today, first of all I popped into the city to the bank and the post office.  I hate the post office in Gloucester with a passion, there is always a huge queue and only two cashiers on!  Imagine my surprise today when I walked into a new look post office, gone was the huge queue and in its replacement was a ticketing system and comfy chairs, not to mention the post and go machines.  Ooohhh I loved it!  I did use the special machines (well after sitting down for a min to admire the place) it was mega easy and soo quick aswell, well it would have been quick if I could figure out how to send something to America. But all in all it was a very pleasant experience and now I just want to send more parcels *lol*...

I had a bit of a mooch around Gloucester before I walked home and just re-iterated my thoughts on how much of an awful place it actually is, full of pound shops and empty shops.  It is really sad and depressing to be honest, ideally I would have loved to have a shop in Gloucester as it is only a 5 min walk from home but if I am realistical about it all then I am better looking at somewhere like Cheltenham which would embrace a shabby chic shop like mine.  So I am going to keep on saving for stock.

Did I mention that I am saving for a new car?  I had a saxo that went to brum brum heaven in December so have been carless since then.  And I hate it!  I should embrace the opportunity to use my legs and walk or even use public transport, but  can't seem to get any enthusiasim up for doing that.  Plus working till 9.30pm at night when no buses run and its a mile and a half to get home is a pain in the bum.  Ideally I would love a smart car, a cute one maybe even Pink!  I have to save £1000 then the hubby will help me get the rest of the money together, so far I have £20!  Not very good is it :0( ...

For tea tonight I decided to make Risotto, hubby had explained how to make it the night before and left out the ingredients for me, this was onions, chicken stock and the risotto rice.  So off I went and put everything in the pan as instructed and then I stirred, stirred a bit more, and stirred even more.  In the end it got close enough to what it should look like so I sprinkled in my cheese and butter and served.


I was going to put a piccie on here but it just looke like someone had thrown up on a plate so thought best not to.  Personally I think it was the stock so maybe next time I will do it with plain water and see how it goes.

Anyway I have muttered enough for tonight and I have a kitten to go and tell off aswell as a hamster to prod to see if he is still alive.




  1. Risotto's are so hard to get right, aren't they? Mine tend to look like a big soggy mess, so have given up on them


  2. Please do consider opening your shop in Gloucester. I know it seems daunting but I actually think your shop would do fine in Gloucester.

    Risottos are notoriously troublesome. So many things that can go wrong. I have also given up on them!