Saturday, 20 March 2010

Stunning Saturday

Or in the case of Gloucester it is gloomy Saturday as its raining cats and dogs here!...

Well what a week, it was Cheltenham Festival this week (Horse racing) and working in a bookies meant it was busy, busy, busy.  Yesterday especially!...  I worked from 9.30am right until 8pm last night without a break, I managed to take over 700 slips on my own and the normal amount for the shole shop is approx 350 per day! So yep it was very busy.  Made our day though when a woman struggled through the door with 4 huge bouquet of flowers for us from a customer as he had won a huge amount of money, it made everything all worthwhile. 

But now for a moan...

After a stupid old woman came in shouting and screaming at us and calling us names I actually wonder why we don't get danger pay!  The reason for her outburst was because we couldn't give her the winnings she had won.  Reason being was that by 5pm last night we had no money!  People seem to think that a bookies is just like a bank and that we should have enough money to pay out all the time, well surprise surprise after paying out £13,000 yesterday we were skint and the banks where closed.  We don't have a money tree behind the counter!  The reason we don't keep a lot of money is because of the robbery risks but some people don't realise that and expect us to risk our lives so they can have there bloomin money *GRRRRRR*  It makes me soo mad when they start having a go at you and I really don't get paid enough to have to deal with that.  I am actually on minimum wage!

Thats my rant over, sometimes I do feel like telling these people to F off! 

Now onto nice things, this morning the postie rang my door bell with a parcel for me, oooohh it is my Secret Easter Bunny gift from the Craft Forum, I am soo excited and can't wait now.  Must hide it so that I'm not tempted to sneak a peek...

I am also on the hunt for a kitten as a friend for Libby, she is driving us mad with all the moping around and poor Harry the hamster isn't too keen on her trying to play with him through the bars of the cage.  She does mean well but its a bit of a scary scene coming into her sitting on top of his cage!!

Right I am off to Twitter to my Twitteroos and catch up on all the blog posts I have missed.



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