Monday, 15 March 2010

I want to be famous!

Well not exactly me as in being on the telly or in the movies but i want my blog to be famous.  I think...

I have just watched a movie calle Julie & Julie, it was about a woman making 527 recipes in 356 days from a cook book called 'Mastering the art of french cooking' by Julia Childs.  It was brilliant, basically the modern woman wrote a blog about the whole journey and it was fabulous!

So I would love that to happen, I mean my blog being famous just like this womans one was.  The only problems is that I'm not sure that I am interesting enough.  Actually scrap that most of my family would say I am completely crazy and all these weird and wondeful things happen to me on a regular basis, I suppose that now I am used to oddness happening I don't really take much notice.  So from this day forward I am going to write about everything that happened.  So lets start....

I like ending sentances'paragraphs with .... it makes it look nicer I think, so concious effort to remember to do that!...

Right as I was, today was mine and Hubby's day off, he has just been promoted to Head Chef so had a phone interview for a prospective sous chef.  We then went to pick up Timmy's ashes from the vets :0(

Whilst meandering around Morrissons Hubby said he would teach me how to make Risotto so that I wouldn't ahve to buy the pre-made packet stuff anymore.  I like him teaching me and he has promised to do it more often which is great.  So todays lesson is Risotto, well when he wakes up at least...

Libby the kitten has also taken a shining to running out the front door for freedom, not exactly a great thing seeing as we live on a main road and my kitty is supposed to be a house kitty.  I can now see that going out the window.  So when we got back from shopping I let her have a supervised sniff around outside, then I picked her up to go back inside and she had flailing limbs everywhere!... - oohhh look I remembered dots!...

I suppose I should update on my market stall/business idea!  I need to save all fo my money up in order for this to progress, it is coming along slowly and I have some amazing stockists that I am just dying to order from, but patience is a virtue apparently...who am I kidding patience does not exist in my world.  Maybe I should look for a Business Angel...  Anyone want to invest in my idea?

I made this amazingly cute bag last night, once I have batteries in the camera I will take a photo for you so you can all admire its cuteness...

WOW how long is this blog, must dash to go and tidy up the kitchen before my lesson.

Bon Apetit!!



  1. On the issue of cooking, I follow a blog called Alinea at Home ( It's quite fascinating.

    Regarding your business I actually would be willing to invest some money. I like to support new businesses in Gloucester - god knows we need some.

  2. Oooh thanks for the link :0)

    Had a trip into the city today and it was dire!

  3. You're welcome :)

    Yes, it's rather depressing how Gloucester is suffering. Nothing new though and that's got to be the most depressing aspect of it!