Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunny Sunday

What a loooong week that was, today is my only day off so it is only right that I update my blog with all that is going on in the Spellbound household.

We have a new baby!!!

Ok so he isn't actually human and has 4 teeny tiny legs and is fluffy but still he is my baby. So I am proud and excited to announce the arrival of Toby who is a 6 week old tabby cat.  He is extremely bold and has us all wraped around his little paws.

Not the greatest of pictures but he just moves soo quickly.

Here is one of him and Libby.

Oh and my multi-coloured socks.

What else has been happening, well not much to be honest I have been working soo hard this week and have topped the 40+ hours at work, surprising as I am part time!!

I also popped to Hobbycraft yesterday and picked up some bits to start needlecrafting, not quite sure how to do this but I'm willing to have a go.  I also want to make my own felt so have ordered some merino wool off of Ebay (don't you just love Ebay for bargains).

Anyways must dash as have loads of housework to catch up on, kittens to entertain and a Hubby to push out of bed.




  1. Welcome to your new home Toby:) So glad you have found a new friend.x

    Bags Of Swank by SimJaTa

  2. Thansk you xx He has currently disappeared and I am relishing the peace and quite, no doubt he will pop his head out soon xxx

  3. Toby is adorable - those big blue eyes!! Lovely to see that he seems to be getting on OK with Libby & nice that you have him after your recent sadness. Looking forward to seeing new photos as he gets bigger!

    Sounds like you need a day off! Hope you manage to take it a bit easy today.

    Ali x