Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Felty Project

It was payday on Friday so I took the opportunity to head into Hobbycraft and spend and obscene amount of money *whoops*

So what did I get, well I managed to get some Needlefelting tools and some really expensive woll shapes which in my honest opinion where a rip off, but seeing as Hobbycraft is the only place to buy my bits and pieces I had to swallow the cost.

I was going to buy some jazzy felt aswell but upon arriving in the aisle I was disappointed with the choice.  I mean there was some nice prints there but nothing original, all mass produced.

So my solution was to buy some plain white felt and use my new needlefelting tools to come up with my own designs.

I am half way through my first design and couldn't wait to show it off so heres a sneak preview.  As you can see from the second picture the felt can be used either side which is great, it gives totally different effects aswell.

This is the front, as you can see I started off with a pencil design first then added the thread.

This is the back of the felt sheet, you can't get a real sense of the difference between the front and back but trust me it is very fluffy!

And this is Toby, he just couldn't resist getting in on the action!



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