Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sassy Tuesday

Wow March is flying by really quick, soon it will be Summer!

I hate wishing the time away especially now I am nearly hitting 30 :0( It's a scary thought being that old and I swear in my head I am only 21 still.

So I am still working on my business plan, slowly it is coming together and I do mean slowly.  Once it is finished I will then be in a position to look for an investor or Business Angel at least.

Today I also made the decision to re-open my Website Angel business.  I stopped all work in December as it was extremely quiet what with xmas and the recession.  However recently I have had an influx of emails asking for quotations so have made the decision to open up my doors for more e-commerce work.

So if you need help adding any products to your online shop just drop me an email and I will be happy to give you a quotation. 

To find out a bit more about the services I offer you can view HERE

I have also started to search for a new kitten (not of the socky kind like Pussy Galore) but of the bundle of fur that gets up to mischief and then looks at you lovingly.  We currently have Libby who is 7 months old and is soo sad being on her own that she has even tried to be-friend Harry the hamster.  Of course he doesn't really want to play with her so she sits on the windowsill all day waiting for me or Hubby to come home.

So the hunt is on, if you know of anyone in the Gloucester area that has kittens for sale please do let me know.



  1. Good luck with your search for a kitten - have you thought about trying your local RSPCA or Cats Protection?