Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sucky Socky Munster Rescue

Well I finally got around to doing something with all the socks I brought yesterday.  I can now say that me making kitty cats is out of the window, mainly because the ones I did try were awful!  But out of all the mishapen mess that si currently on my floor out popped these gorgeous munsters.

I have even set up a new Folksy shop called the Sucky Socky Munster Rescue  I just need to take some better pictures of the little munsters and also get a funky new banner for my shop.

This is a picture of all three that have survived the SSM (sucky socky munster) cat!

Feedback would be brilliant



  1. Love the sucky sock monsters, thought I was waiting for the pictures of the cat ones, you sure you cant master them?

    Glad its not just me that often starts off with a cut up mess on the floor first.

    good luck with new shop.
    Lynda x

  2. Stick with the cats, honestly! The first sock creature I tried to make was a cat, and it's now a voodoo pin cushion. Now though I've laid my cat demon to rest and have managed to make some furry socky (not sucky!) felines!! Loving your work!