Thursday, 4 March 2010

I've been invaded!

By lots of Sucky Socky Munsters!

I seem to have gotten a bit addicted to making these lil creatures and have suddenly gone from having just three to having  8 of them and they are rapidly multiplying!!

Okay I admit that I have been making quite a few at work when it is not busy and a lot of the customers think they are fantastic.  So maybe I should take note and actually believe in myself and my abilities.

As you can see they have found a new home in the cat tree, not that Libby is too impressed with it.

So what are you doing today?  I am at work at 1pm till 9.30pm :0(  A loooong day for me but I am going sock hunting this afternoon on my break so that should keep me busy.

I'm also listening out for the postie as I have a cute sock kitten coming from Pussy Galore, hopefully it will arrive today aswell as the huge amount of stuffing I ordered off Ebay yesterday.

Right I am off to put together a blog just for the sucky socky munsters!

See you later


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