Monday, 1 March 2010

Craft Quandry

Good morning everyone and so a new week starts aswell as a new month.  Time just seems to fly by at the moment.

I've waken up to a bit of a quandry this morning, well actually I went to bed last night with the same quandry and still have not come to a conclusion.

So my quandry (must like the word as I've used it loads already) is what to make craft wise.  I love to sew and seem to be semi-good at this I think, so whatever I do it will be with pretty fabrics and needles.  But what to make!

I have made pin cushions, cushion covers, storage boxes and flowers, lots of flowers.  Now whilst I have enjoyed making these it doesn't give me that special spark that I really want.

Anyways last night as I was watching TV with Libby the kitten stretched out over my knees it came to me.  I love cats especially black cats.  How wonderful would it be if I could incorporate cats into my crafts.

I then proceeded to make some sock cats, the inspiration helped by the fact that I was trying to sort out hubby's sock draw at the time.  Now after a bit of research on the tinternet I came across some amazing sock cats from a wonderful lady called Shirley/Pussy Galore, what she has created is amazing and such a credit to her imagination.

Now I don't like plagarism or to copy peoples ideas so I am trying my hardest to be different with my cats.  So off to Hobbycraft today to pick up some supplies.  Hopefully my kitty cats will turn out okay and I shall post some piccies soon.

Right had to cut this short as Libby is trying to get my attention, she seems to do it whenever I am on the phone or on the computer.

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