Sunday, 21 March 2010

Looking for a partner and Investor

So the past couple of days have been extremely hectic in terms of working in the bookies, but also because I have been expanding on my business idea.

Now I would love to own a gift shop but the risks are huge, as in will anyone buy my stuff, will the business fail etc etc.

Well now I have sat down with Hubby and have decided on a business, a ceramic cafe.  I am currently drawing up a business plan for the venture but will need investors.

So why the need for investors?

I'm not rich, I never will be and the chance of me saving approx £20k would take me forever and a day.  I work full time at the moment and I am scrimping and saving every bit of that but my passion is having my own business.  I am prepared to do all the leg work as in research, setting up etc, also working 7 days a week in order to make it successful.

What I really need is a Business Angel or partner that would like to invest in me and my idea.  This is not for a short term quick buck but for a long term business with a huge scope of possibilities.

Not only that but you would be investing in the future of Gloucester itself.

If anyone out there in the virtual world is interested please contact me on

Please note that I don't take kindly to people just being nosey, so only serious offers please.


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