Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothering Sunday!

Happy Mothers day to all you mummy's and especially my mum!

Hopefully next year I may be on the receiving end of the celebration, but first I need to lose some of this dreaded weight.

Right so what have I been up to, ummm not a lot to be honest.  I had Saturday off so spent the day catching up with housework and make a few new mini bags, of which I will post some piccies of for you.  Today I am off to work in a bit (boring, boring, boring!!!) I shall pop into Hobbycraft on my way to work and pick up some more felt for my mini bags.

I have decided to have a go at making my own felt seeing as I use soo much of it, it should be an interesting experiment if nothing else.

Ooohhh I got my very first Etsy sale on Friday!  I sold one of my pin cushions, messed up on the postage though so actually made zilch :0(  I shall post it tomorrow though and it is winging its way over to America, ooohhh how exciting!

Right off to prod the kitten who has kept me awake all night and is now sleeping like a baby (mean mummy alert!) and to do my hair and hopefully my fringe will go okay.

Have fun!


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