Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Morning Wondeful Wednesday!

It is wednesday isn't it?!

I'm currently in hiding from my ringing phone, my part time/full time job wants me to go and work in a different shop tonight but I really don't want to especially after they keep screwing with me over holiday entitlement and pay rises not to mention bonuses.  I don't mind helping out my own permanent shop but others should sort out there staffing correctly.  For some reason the bosses think that they can just phone me and I will drop everything to do the extra shifts, well afte 35 hours last week I want to enjoy me days off thank you very much.  Not to mention the fact that I have no way home from the shop in question!

Right rant over!

I used my craft table for the very first time last night, I managed to make a little bag for my Itsy Bitsy Munsters to go in.  I have entered a secret easter thing so this will go off to some un-suspecting soul.  I do worry that they will think that my stuff really isn't good enough to be given away and maybe I should give up on my crafty stuff.

On a side note I was on You Tube and looked at needle felting and I soooo want a go of that, how cool would that be!  I do need to earn some money first though before I can buy any more crafty stuff, Hubby's orders I'm afraid.

Today I am going to drag out the sewing machine and try and see if I can get that to work for me, last time was a disaster but this time I intend to concentrate and try my hardset to get it to work as then everything will be soo much easier than all this hand stitching in wonky lines.

Right off to go and experiment (and do some housework!)

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  1. Soo Cute! I would love to get 35+ hours a week.