Thursday, 15 April 2010

Oh Dear!

I have neglected my blog, not on purpose mind you but due to the fact that I have just finished a 6 day stint at work *blimey*

BUT  Great news is that I have a new job (whirls round and round in excitement)  it is as a community care support worker for elderly people.  I had the interview on Monday and was offered the job right there and then *yay*.  I have never done anything like this before and understands that it also involves personal care with people aswell so I am a bit nervous.  My current work colleagues keep saying that I won't like the job and it isn't for me so my head is in a major whirl.  I know they don't want me to leave or maybe I should actually say my cashier friend doesn't want me to leave, the first thing my manager said to me when I told her I was leaving was 'You had better put the tip money you borrowed back', I borrowed £20 and had every intention of repaying it.  No congratulations or anything like that so that put my back up a bit.

It does mean though that I need to buy a car before I start and so currently my car fund stands at £30 *aaaahhhhh* I had better start selling stuff left right and centre I think to hit a £500 target.

Did I mention that the money is fantastic in my new job?!  Well it is 3 x the salary I am on at the moment so that softens the blow slighty :0)

Anyways day off today and my craft desk looks like it has been hit by a bomb so I shall be making some nw little gems today.




  1. Congratulations again Nicole on your new job. Good luck with the car fund - it is easier to save when you have a goal to aim for.

    Don't worry about the less than exciting response from your current work - they obviously don't want you to go (a major sign of how nice you are and how well you do your current job!). Jealousy is a horrid trait.

    Keep going, keep crafting and the sky is the limit!!

    Ali x

  2. Good Luck in your new job x

    Sounds to me like you are better off leaving the other behind. Best of luck saving up too.

    Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

  3. Well done pet. It takes some guts to move on in life and believe me the caring community certainly needs people like you..
    My Mum who will be 95yrs this years relies totally on being cared for.. The dedication and patience of this team is brilliant..
    Go for it girl, we need you