Monday, 8 March 2010

Monday Morning Dilemma

I'm having a crisis here in Spellbound land!

I spent most of last night searching for the unique and kitsch items I want to sell in my shop and found very little suppliers in the UK :0(  I did however find some amazing products on Etsy but they all come from the USA, not to worry though as I think the items are fantastic.

But then I got to thinking is Gloucester ready for a shop like mine?  Let alone the market which sells haberdashery and big pants!

Would I get enough of the right customers in the market?  I'm aiming for the youngsters and young at heart not the elderly people which is what the market seems to have attracted.

So how to proceed?  I know that I was going to complement the store with an online shop so maybe I should start with that first and make that a success whilst still working full time (which means I can buy more stock).  Then in a years time I could look at leasing a shop on its own.

Oooohhhh decisions decisions!!!!


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I'd love to talk to you about wholesaling some of my work for your shop, online or otherwise. I'm in the USA, but I'd be happy to ship. check out my blog for links with all of my info. Thanks! I hope to get in touch with you.

    BTW, timmy the crafty cat is adorable!!


  2. I make quilts and crocheted dolls and bears.

    I am willing to act as a drop shipper if reimbursed shipping fees.

    You sell online, send me payment (via paypal), and I ship to the address you give me.


  3. I live in Gloucester too. I think what you are doing is pretty cool. I would encourage you not too put too much strain on your fledgling business but to make your online store a success before you commit to anything in Gloucester city centre.