Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lazy Sunday!

Thank goodness it is finally Sunday and I can rest my weary bones.  Having worked 6 full days this week I was exhausted last night and went to bed at 9.30pm and didn't get up till 8am !!!!!

But on todays list of things to do is catch up on housework, this means doing all the washing but it looks nice outside so it can all hang out on the line.

I also need to pop to Tesco so I can make dinner for hubby later and get some cat food for the fluffball.

But other than that I am spending the day looking through all of the gorgous Folksy and Etsy shops that people have emailed me details of as they would like to be stocked on my market stall.

I am struggling a lot not to buy lots of things for myself but I just keep having to look at the bigger picture and what I want the end result to be.

Now then I think it is time to clean the bathroom and hoover all the kitty litter up that has spread itself throughout the flat.

Speak soon


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