Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sad Day in Mad Hatter World

I'm in a very sad mood today as yesterday I had to rush my gorgeous craft cat Timmy to the vets.

He was not even able to stand up he was soo weak and it came on so suddenly.  After a barrage of tests last night and this morning it seems that he is hypo-glycemic, anemic, has funny kidneys and is jaubdice and also has fluid on his belly.

Sadly his sister Tigsy passed away two weeks ago from a rare condition called FIP, we where told at the time that Timmy would probably have picked it up from her and to be aware of any symptoms. 

Timmy isn't doing very well at all and it is looking likely that it is FIP and he doesn't have any strength so the next 24 hours is crucial but the likely hood is that he will pass away as FIP is fatal.  He is currently in Stroud vet hospital so waiting for hubby to come home and take me up there.

So very sad day indeed :0(

Also Libby came out from behind the sofa earlier and was limping on her front leg.  I had a feel of it and it doesn't feel broken and she is hobbling around, probably has just sprained it as she is always jumping up and down on things.  She was last seen cuddling up on my bed sound asleep after lots of cuddles.


  1. So sorry to hear your sad news - I am keeping everything crossed for you all

    Ali x

  2. I love reading your blog and you are therefore one of my picks for the Sunshine Award.

    Ali's Craft Studio