Monday, 22 February 2010

Lazy Monday!

I'm still on holiday from the part time job YAY!

So today I have been mega lazy and not done a lot to be honest.  Hubby is off work today and its nice to actually have him in the house just pottering around.

I did make two more hair bobble storage thingy majigs and even updated my Folksy, Misi and Etsy shop.  Now just got to start selling them.  I've decided that any profits from selling any of my crafts will be used to purchase a Sizzex Big Shot, oohhhh the things I could do with one of those.

I've also managed to get some semi-decent pictures of my pin cushions and uploaded those to my shops aswell.

Thinking about it I have been pretty busy today with up-loading and re-arranging and of course Twittering!  I seem to have become addicted to Twitter, I knew it would happen but didn't realise how quick it would come about WHOOPS!

Anyway here are some piccies and again links are at the side :0)

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