Monday, 23 August 2010

Just Me!

Okay after a brief hiatus I have decided to re-open my Spellbound Charms blog.  So a huge Hello to everyone again!!!!

Soo lets have a look, today I decided to spend the rest of my Hobbycraft vouchers that my lovely OH brought me for my birthday in July. I did go in and have a look on Saturday but came away empty handed, but today was a different story.

I decided to buy some promarker pens. I am interested in card making and stamping but never find myself with the right equipment mainly stamps and pens. So I have oredered a gorgeous new stamp which hopefully I will get to show you tomorrow and brought myself a set of 10 promarker pens. They where pretty expensive at the cost of £16 for the 10 of them but after a bit of experimenting I have found them to be fabulous. As you can see I also brought some general felt tip pens as my current ones are years old and all dried up. I also got a couple of bargains in the shape of card templates so I can use my new stamp on these.
Did I forget to also mention that I have moved my craft desk from the bedroom into the office/spare room. It looks so much nicer here and I can now have a less crowded desk, which is certainly a good thing seeing as my kitten likes to explore everything. Here is a picture, I have now put up some bunting on the wall to make it a bit more cosy and crafty looking.

Can you see my witch?

In the spirit of all things spooky I have also started to prepare myself for Halloween by making large paper mache pumpkins. I have decided to have a massive display of these on my 1st floor balcony and light them up all spookily. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy the effort that will go into the display.

At the moment I have my large pumpkin on the windowsill in the kitchen trying to dry out before I carve his face in then carry on building up the whole pumkin to make it more solid. I have decided to leave all of the painting till October that way I know that they are all dried out properly and I can save up for the paints.

I have a question though :0) Why do we British not celebrate Halloween as they do over in the USA?

I love halloween and can remember going trick 'n' treating all dressed up when I was younger. But now it is frowned upon! For the past couple of years I have gotten sweets in all ready to be scared by the kids only to be dismayed by no knocks at the door. Actually I tell a lie last year some boys did knock on my door but they demanded drinks, sweets and when I said NO (I was home alone and there was a gang of approx 6 teenage boys) they then spent the next 10 minutes ringing my doorbell non stop!!!!

Anyway I would love to hear from some people who celebrate Halloween and even see some pictures of your displays or outfits.


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