Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New Crafty Cat!

On Monday I picked up a new cat as company for Timmy who sadly lost his little playmate the week before :0(

So we picked up Libby who is approx 6 moths old and her mummy was a Russian Blue cat, but Libby is black with white markings.

The first 48 hours have been traumatic to say the least as all she would do is hiss and spit at us and refuse to come anywhere near us.  This is something we are not used to as Timmy is soooo placid and laid back.

Anyway just now Libby has come up to me meowing and let me have a cuddle, she is adorable if slightly noisy, her and Timmy seem to be getting on well which is also great news.

Heres a piccie:

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